Pioneering designs for distinct personalities.
On the lookout for exceptional jewels, Clemens Ritter von Wagner found extravagant and innovative designers and jewellery workshops off the beaten track who only produce unique specimens or limited editions. They create new cuts and settings, work with unusual combinations of materials, thereby setting bold and experimental trends. Their modern jewellery is made of the most diverse elements, such as colourful diamonds and gemstones, corals, quartz crystals and iron. The transition from accessory to art is fluid in this case. Designers like Munsteiner from Idar-Oberstein and Krauss from Stuttgart create eye-catching key pieces for strong personalities.

MUNSTEINER: "Designed stones" is the key motto of the Munsteiner atelier. Its main focus is on the contemporary design of various gemstones, for which they have received widespread international aclaim and numerous awards. Expertly chosen minerals are transformed into unique pieces and objects based on new, original cuts. 

KRAUSS: Günter Krauss has received many national and international awards as a jewellery designer and goldsmith. His designs create fascinating contrasts in material and colour, for instance when a flattering moonstone is combined with a heavy iron "cow chain".